Founded in 1978, Dallas/Fort Worth-based PHPR is focused on finding creative solutions to communications problems.  We design strategies to assure that market perception aligns with an enterprise’s business goals. Our clients are public and private corporations (for-profit and non-profit), licensed professionals, individual entrepreneurs, political candidates, and professional associations across many industries and endeavors. We excel in establishing worthwhile relationships for our clients and sustaining their reputations.

We are stable yet flexible, analytical and creative, adaptable but also innovative. With a large repertoire of varied experience, we provide services through consulting engagements, project support and a number of special programs that can be customized for individual circumstances. PHPR's small business consulting provides PR and marketing counsel and guidance if resources are limited. Professionals in transition may benefit from a partnership with us as they explore new opportunities or a career change.

This site should provide a snapshot of our capabilities and our culture. We are keenly focused on what will work best for each client. Images across the top of each page offer a glimpse of representative clients. Please visit our case studies page for more.

"If I were down to my last dollar, I'd spend it on PR." -Bill Gates